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Children who are in boarding school often have mixed feelings. They may be excited about getting out of the house and making new friends. They may also be nervous about all of the responsibility that they will have to take on. If you will be going to a boarding school soon, then there are things that you can do to make it a success.

Make a List of Everything That You Need to Do

You will not have your parents there to remind you to complete important tasks. That is why it is a good idea for you to make a list of everything that you need to do. Studies have shown that people who write things down are more likely to remember there.

Get to Know Your Roommate

You will have to share a living space with another person. This can be a difficult adjustment if you have never shared a room with someone before. You will need to talk to your roommate and get to know them. You will also need to be prepared to compromise. For example, if you are a night owl and your roommate likes to go to bed early, then you should have headphones.

Make New Friends

Good friends will become like family. Homesickness will be a lot easier to deal with if you have good friends. You should socialize and participate in activities on campus so that you can make new friends.

Fuel Up

If you have a busy schedule, then it can be easy to overlook eating. However, you want to make sure that you take the time to eat regularly. Fueling your body with the right nutrients will increase your chances of doing well in the classroom. In fact, studies have shown that children who eat nutritious meals tend to make better grades.

Study Every Day

Studying is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that you are successful in the classroom. You should study every day. If you get into the habit of studying a little bit every day, then you will already know the material the night before the test.


You may not be able to fit everything into your schedule. That is why it is important to prioritize the tasks that are the most important. Even if you cannot take care of everything, then you will still have done the most important tasks.

There are a lot of educational options today. However, if you are a Christian parent, then you should consider enrolling them in a Christian school. There are several benefits that you can reap from doing this.

The Bible is Taught

All Christian parents want their children to learn about the Bible. Children will be able to learn about the Bible in a Christian school. The Bible will set the foundation for everything else that they learn.

Learn Critical Thinking

Your child will be able to get a quality education at a Christian school. They will learn critical thinking skills. This will not only benefit them in the classroom, but it will also benefit them when they get out in the working world. Students who graduate from a Christian school will be prepared to compete with their peers in the secular work field.

Share Your Moral Values

You want your children to grow up with morals and values. You may be concerned about the type of things that your children are exposed to at school. However, if you enroll your child in a Christian school, then you will be able to rest assured that they will be learning the right things. The Christian school will share your morals and values.


Many parents worry about the safety of their children. School violence and bullying are concerns today. However, if you enroll your child in a Christian school, then you can rest assured that your child will be safe. Children will be able to learn in a nurturing environment. The school also has a zero tolerance policy for bullying.

Parental Involvement

If you enroll your child in a Christian boarding school, then you will still be involved in their education. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just drop your children off and leave everything to the teachers or administrators. Successful education requires that the teachers, students, administrators, and parents work together.

Positive Peer Pressure

When people hear the term peer pressure, they usually think of something bad. However, there is such a thing as positive peer pressure. Peers who exhibit positive behaviors and positive attitudes will be a great influence on other students.

Well-rounded Education

Children will be able to get a well-rounded education at a Christian school. Children will be able to develop their character and intellect. They will also be prepared to be both servants and leaders. Furthermore, a Christian school helps students discover their talents so that they can have a successful life.

Education is a vital aspect of rearing children and preparing them to become successful adults in this complex world. For many families, going to the public school route is no longer an option. They feel this type of learning is not suited to their children. With many rampant shootings happening in public schools across the United States, security is also a major issue. Placing your child in a private school like Monterey Bay Academy (MBA) ensures that your child can reach his full potential. On top of that,  he is brought up in a safe environment with Christian values. This makes this kind of education a worthy investment.

Public schools continue to face budget cuts that result in fewer resources, less than stellar facilities, and larger class size. Whereas, private schools like the MBA continue to thrive and grow. If you are thinking of making the switch for your child into a private Christian boarding school, now is the time. His needs can be adequately addressed, making the Monterey Bay Academy the right choice. They have day students, who go home to their own houses at the end of the day. They also have a boarding school option where student live on campus.  Here are some elements that set apart a private school from a public school:

Size of the Class

The number of students inside the classroom is one of the major differences between both schools. The class size in an urban public school can reach up to 30 students. This makes instruction difficult with a large number of kids. On the other hand, private schools like to keep a smaller class, usually ranging from 10-15 students. The student-teacher ratio is vital to learning. The lesser the number of students, the learning environment becomes more focused and personalized.

Qualifications of Teachers

Teachers from both strands need certification. Some private schools like the MBA private high school prefer that their teachers are experts in their respective fields with a master’s degree or even doctorate degrees. The private school also has more budget to send their staff to certification programs. This helps update their skills and improve their craft.

Maintenance of Facilities

Since public schools require funding for the government, sometimes, they do not have the budget to improve their old facilities. They also do not have the fund to update their school equipment. Private schools, in contrast, have better and more updated facilities and equipment. They have the budget to make improvements with every school year. Maintenance of the school grounds is also a top priority to ensure a clean, hygienic, and safe environment for the kids. This is especially beneficial for those who sleep over in the boarding school.

Inculcation of Values

This aspect is neglected in public schools because they merely focus on academics. It is also mandated by the government that they do not touch on sensitive issues such as religion to be politically correct. In a Christian boarding school like Monterey Bay Academy, character formation is given as much importance as the academic component. A book smart child is not successful if he does not possess the proper values. These values would help guide him in making the right choices all throughout his life. Instilling proper virtues and right conduct is included in a Christian boarding school education.

Most people are well aware of the fact that they will have to study in order to be a successful student. However, the way that you study can have a positive or negative impact on academic success. There are many study habits that you will need to avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Study Partners

Studying can be an incredibly boring task. That is why it can be helpful for you to study with other people. However, it is important to make sure that you pick the right people to study with. You need to select students who are motivated and want to do well in class. You will not benefit from studying with people who do not do well in class.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to do an Assignment

Many people work well under pressure. That is why they may wait until the last minute to start an assignment. However, you should not do this. It is best for you to start on your assignment at least one week before it is due. This will help you save time and stress.

You Have too Many Distractions

You have to focus on the assignment when you are studying. It is a bad idea to study with the television on, your phone beside you and music on. If you find it difficult to study in your room, then you should go to the library or another quiet place.

Studying for Hours at a Time

The more you study, the better your grades will be. However, you do not want to study for hours at a time. This can lead to burnout. It is best for you to break your study sessions into small chunks. Take several breaks throughout the day.

Studying at a Time When You are Not Productive

Everyone has a time of the day when they are at their best. Some people study best in the morning while others study better at night. You should study during the time of the day that you are the most productive.

Not Asking the Teacher for Help

Many people are embarrassed to ask for help. However, it is best for you to ask for help when there is something that you do not understand. Most concepts build on each other. That is why if you do not understand one thing, then there will probably be other ones that you do not understand. If you ask for help early, then you can avoid falling behind in your studies.

Studying to Remember

Contrary to popular belief, studying is not just about remembering a bunch of facts. You have to understand what you learn. If you are just studying to remember a bunch of facts, then you probably will not get much out of your study sessions.

Many parents send their children to boarding school because they want their child to have a chance to get the best education possible. Not only will your child get a great education at a boarding school but they will also learn life skills. There are several life skills that your child can learn at a boarding school. 

Independence and Responsibility 

One of the most important things that you can do as a parent is to teach your child to be independent. A boarding school will teach your child independence. Your child will be responsible for keeping their belongings organized and getting themselves to class on time. If your child learns independence early, then it will be easier for them to stand on their own once they enter adulthood. 

Acceptance and Tolerance 

Children in boarding schools are away from their biological families. They will likely meet people from different walks of life. Meeting different people will teach students how to accept and tolerate different people. Children will have to work with all types of people once they enter the workforce. That is why it is a good idea to learn this early in life. 


Everybody is different. Some people naturally have confidence while others take a long time to develop it. There will be plenty of opportunities for socialization at boarding school. If children are able to socialize with others, then their confidence will improve. 

Conflict Resolution Skills 

Conflict is a part of life. Students are bound to have disagreements with other students at boarding school. However, boarding schools teach students how to resolve disagreements in an amicable manner. This teaches students how to have healthy relationships with other people. 

Strong Work Ethic 

Boarding schools are committed to academic excellence. This means students will have to work hard in the classroom and study hard. The challenge is good because it helps students develop a strong work ethic. The teachers not only push students to succeed, but they give students the tools that they need to succeed. 

Children can attend supervised study sessions. They can also talk to their teachers outside of class. 


Students have to learn how to work with other people in order to be successful in school. They will have to work and live with other students. This will teach them teamwork. Almost every job requires that people work with others. That is why it is important for people to learn teamwork in school.

Boarding school allows a child to get life and educational experiences that they would not get in a public school. However, it can be difficult for both parent and child to adjust to boarding school. That is why it is important for you to take the time to prepare your child beforehand. 

Talk to Them About It 

Your child may be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions right now. They may be scared and anxious. They may also be excited. Let your child know that the way they are feeling is normal. You should talk to them about any concerns that they may have. You should also talk to them about what they should expect in boarding school. 

Establish a Daily Routine 

Boarding schools have a stricter routine than public schools do. They will have to wake up at a certain time every day as well as attend classes and other activities. They will also have to be punctual. One of the best things that you can do to prepare for boarding school is to establish a daily routine. Establishing a routine will make it easier for a child to transition to boarding school. 

Encourage Independence 

Boarding schools require that children be independent. They will have to organize their own belongings. They will also be responsible for getting themselves to class on time. You will need to encourage your child to be independent before they start boarding school. Start letting them do things on their own. 

Visit the Boarding School 

Many children are scared of the thought of going to boarding school because they do not know what to expect. That is why it is important for you to take your child to school before they start. Let them walk around and get used to the campus. You should also encourage them to talk to the administrators and ask questions. 

Encourage Healthy Habits 

A healthy child will do much better in boarding school. You should start encouraging them to have healthy habits now. Teach them that it is important to balance school and leisure time. You should also encourage them to eat nutritious snacks and get plenty of sleep. 

Make Plans to Stay in Touch 

You can expect your child to get homesick while at boarding school. That is why it is important to make plans to stay in touch. You can stay in touch via email, phone call, Skype and text message.

More parents are opting to enroll their children in a Christian boarding school. A Christian boarding school will give your child a quality education. If you are thinking about enrolling your child in a Christan boarding school, then it is important to note that there are many myths about it. 

Myth: Boarding Schools are not Diverse 

Fact: Many people have preconceived notions about children who go to boarding schools. They think that they all are privileged kids who come from a nuclear family. However, boarding schools seek out diversity. People from different walks of life choose a boarding school so that their children can get a better education. 

Myth: Boarding Schools are Just for the Rich 

Fact: You do not have to be rich to attend a boarding school. However, there is some cost involved. Many students are able to get financial aid in order to off-set the cost of boarding school. Financial aid is available in the form of grants, student work programs and discounted tuition. Furthermore, many parents believe that the cost of boarding school is worth it. 

Myth: Boarding Schools are for Unruly Children 

Fact: Many people have seen television shows where parents sent their children to boarding school when they were having problems with them. However, boarding schools are not just for unruly children. Many parents send their children to boarding school because they are busy. Others feel that their children will get a better education if they go to boarding school. 

It is important to note that there are therapeutic boarding schools and college-preparatory boarding schools. Therapeutic boarding schools are for the children who are having trouble at work and school. College-preparatory boarding schools are for students who have excelled academically. Boarding school will prepare them for college. 

Myth: Boarding Schools are Boring 

Fact: Children who attend boarding school are held to a higher academic standard. However, that does not mean that they cannot have fun. There are a variety of programs that children can participate in at a boarding school. They can participate in music and arts. They can also participate in athletics. Furthermore, children can spend a lot of time with their friends. 

Myth: Boarding School Dorms are Like Prisons 

Fact: Children in boarding school are allowed to go home. They are also allowed to have their family members and friends come visit them. There are times when children are encouraged to go away home such as during the holidays.

Studying is one of the keys to acing a test. However, many people do not know how to study. There are many things that you can do in order to get the most out of your study sessions. 

Pick the Right Time and Place 

You should pick a place to study. Some people study best when they are in their bedroom. Others can only study in the library. The place that you pick should be the one that you stick with. 

You should also pick the right time to study. Some people are at their peak in the morning. Others are night owls and perfect to study late. Study at the time that works best for you. However, you do not want to study too close to your bedtime. You will likely get tired and may not be able to get much out of your studying session. 

Switch it Up 

Many people only focus on one material when they are studying. However, it is best to review your several materials at one time. This will make it easier for you to retain different information. 

Study Every Day 

Many people will wait until the last minute before looking at their materials. They try to cram and learn a lot of material in a short amount of time. However, this is stressful. It is best for you to study every day. Studying a little bit of the material every day will make it easier for you to learn the material. All you will have to do the night before the test is review the material. 

Quiz Yourself 

Quizzing yourself is one of the best things that you can do to prepare for a test. It may be difficult for you to remember the answer to some questions. However, the more you quiz yourself, the more likely you will be to retain the information. 

Discover Your Learning Style 

There are different types of learners. Auditory learn to retain information by listening. They love being in class and listening to lectures. If you are an auditory learner, then you may want to consider recording the lectures. 

Visual learners retain information by looking at pictures and videos. If you are a visual learner, then you should draw diagrams and highlight certain points. Tactile and kinesthetic learners retain information by doing things. Roleplaying can help you retain information if you are a tactile or kinesthetic learner. 

Drink Some Coffee and Tea 

Coffee and tea can help you stay alert. That is why you may want to consider hitting the coffee shop before you study. 

Take Breaks 

You should take breaks regularly when you study. If you study for long periods of time without taking a break, then you will get frustrated and have difficulty concentrating. Get away from your study space when you take a break. You may even want to take a walk around the block. This will help you clear your mind so that you can focus when you study.

It can be challenging to get good grades. Everyone has subjects that they struggle with in school. Fortunately, you can improve your grades by doing the following. 

Attend Class Regularly 

This may seem obvious, but it is one of the keys to doing well in the classroom. You will have a much easier time learning the material that you need to learn if you go to class on a regular basis. You will also be able to participate in the lesson, which will make it easier for you to learn. 

Study With A Group 

Everyone knows that studying is one of the keys to getting good grades. However, studying by yourself can be a tedious process. That is why you should consider studying with a group. Studying with a group allows you to learn from other students. 

Get Organized 

Studying and completing assignments will be a lot easier if you stay organized. You need to make sure that you keep track of all of your due dates. It is also a good idea to use a planner. Additionally, you will need to keep all of your school work in one location. 

Use Your Time Wisely 

Procrastination can easily lead to poor grades. That is why it is important to be cautious about how you use your time. If you have a big project coming up, then you should break it up into smaller parts. This will help you save time and stress. 

You should also take care of the hardest tasks first. This will give you a sense of accomplishment. The other tasks will not be as intimidating if you take care of the hardest ones first. 

Furthermore, it is important to take breaks. A break will refresh you and make it easier for you to focus when you return to your work. 

Do Your Homework 

Teachers often assign homework that does not count towards your grade. That is why it may be tempting to skip homework assignments. However, even if the teacher is not grading the homework, it is still a good idea to do your assignment. The main purpose of homework is to reinforce what you learned in the classroom. 

Get a Good Night’s Rest 

Many people make the mistake of staying up and studying all night. However, cramming all night will not help you get a better grade on your test. Sleep helps your brain process information. You will store more information if you are well-rested.

In the United States, we naturally celebrate and observe the “coming of age” in a number of ways. The reason for celebration can include getting a driver’s license, receiving an honor, or taking on increasing responsibilities. The most widely shared ceremony that all youth have in common is high school graduation. This happens to be the most important element that prepares students for college. Or is it a better explanation to say that it prepares them for life? 

Elementary school to high school is only a few years. Children morph from children into young adults and they face a deluge of emotions, feelings, fear, uncertainty, and dreams during the transition. This is a time when they can gain the skills needed to adapt to life. It is a time of major change. 

This period can be one of the most confusing periods of life. This is one of the main reasons why preparing for college can often take a back seat to sorting out life’s possibilities for many youth. In short, kids are under tremendous pressure to discover who they are and what they want to be. 

Planning for the future can never be a bad thing. However, planning for the future should not be accompanied by stress. Kids who pressure themselves into fulfilling their potential, sooner or later, may reflect that they have had little time for proper reflection and personal discovery. Planning should be a graceful process. 

Getting Prepared for College and Life the Right Way 

1. Learn how to solve problems. You should know that a lack of problem-solving skills links to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Making the decision to attend right up to heading off to college opens a teen up to facing challenges. In prep school and college, as well as in life, there will always be those tough challenges that can make or break a person. 

2. Discover and master new ways to manage your emotions. Millions of people entering college, or even looking back over life, will admit they were never emotionally prepared. A prep school should help students to learn how to deal with emotions, frustration, and anger. Coping skills can be learned at a young age that will help kids though prep school, college, and later on in life. The fact remains that people with weak coping skills may be prone to experiment with alcohol or drugs as a way of dealing with discomfort. 

3. Always take positive action. Teens have the power to make a difference in their own life. Even though planning for the future is time consuming, there is always time to volunteer or pitch in with family functions. Positive actions help teens to recognize the steps they can take to make the world a better place. That impulse will carry over throughout high school, college, and life. 

4. Learn to put things in perspective. Teens should learn their challenges, no matter how serious they see, can be solved and may be fairly insignificant considering the grand scheme of life. Inspiration and we can help teens to gain a positive perspective. There are so many inspiring things in the world that teens can expose themselves to. Take a vacation. Go on hikes with the family. Volunteer to help those less fortunate. 

5. Gain the confidence to stand your ground. Learning how to say “no” can be a good thing in life. There is no reason a person has to feel obligated to fit in at any stage in life. Teen years are a stage where youth may not always understand the gravity of their consequences. Many think of themselves in terms of being invincible. Teens also talk more risks when around other people than when alone. 

6. Set attainable goals. Goals can be for anything worth realizing. They do not have to be only for good grades. Teens can set goals for making positive new friendships, staying healthy, and maintaining a strong spiritual life. Writing down one’s goals can make a tremendous impact. It enhances one’s chances of success. 

College and Life Offer Opportunities for Individuation and Personal Development 

Development and self-discovery means that a person will eventually have to let go. It can be tough moving forward if we cling to things of the present and past. Prep school can give students a sense of self and responsibility. It allows them to form new bonds and friendships with other students of like mind and soul. 

Prep school can enable students to break the bond of having to speak with parents every day or to feel a need to come home every weekend. Loosening those ties can be tough for both parents and their children. Consider a Christian prep school and get prepared for college and life.