Monterey Bay Academyest. 1949

The art of using language is an essential life skill. Words by themselves may seem empty but arrange them in a particular order and you can inspire, uplift, encourage, challenge, and change the world.

We remember those words spoken to us at times that became turning points. As a community we remember speeches that changed the course of history. From lyrics, eulogies, and literature we respond to words fitly spoken.

At MBA we take care with learning the art of word craft. Since THE WORD, Himself, models the use of communicating clearly as a methodology for salvation, we strive to polish our skills with indefatigable zeal.

English Department Resources

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Department Chair

The Language Arts Department Chair is Cheri Gregory. Other faculty is Jason Mustard.

MBA Devotional

“Do you want to get well? It’s not a . . .”

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Subject Matter Sprouted from an Unorganized Mind
Spiritual Reality
Oversleep the Truth
Over Seas & Under Clouds

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Pastor Jeff Deming’s Blog: PJ’s Place
Cheri Gregory’s Blog: One Thing I’ve Learned

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